Christina Chae ― Canvas + Clay Studio

by Grace Chung

How did you find this passion?

I’ve always enjoyed arts and crafts and using my hands to create things. I specifically found this passion of handmade home decor during the Covid-19 pandemic when I bought a little DIY kit on Etsy. I ended up enjoying the process and began making some for family and friends and just decided to start Canvas + Clay Studio.

What is your favorite part of the process?

My favorite part of the process has been networking and meeting people in real life. Seeing and hearing the amazing responses and feedbacks have been so incredibly rewarding and have motivated me to set higher goals for myself.

How has the city of Los Angeles inspired you and your business? What makes it ideal to root your business here?

The city of Los Angeles is often known as the city where people make their dreams become a reality. People move here left and right taking a chance to pursue their dreams. I think Los Angeles is ideal to root my business and even pursue any other dreams because it’s always filled with new opportunities and it’s great because one way or another, you’ll be able to gain some sorts of connections or chances to network.

How does your own personal experience as a Korean/Korean-American influence your product and business?

My experience as a Korean-American is deeply rooted in my products and business. My products are inspired by aesthetics and neutral color palettes that I’ve gotten from Korean style homes. Researching modern Korean interiors played a big part when curating my pieces and envisioning my overall brand. My personal experiences as a Korean-American taught me how important work ethic is. Korean stories that have been passed down from generations, every part of Korean history, the story of my own family, and even most Korean dramas and films, all relay the same message which is that nothing comes easy and that strength, endurance, persistence, and hard work are necessary for success. I think that’s so heavily engrained in Korean culture. Growing up in a Korean-American household definitely taught me to keep pursuing and pushing on no matter what. I wouldn’t have been able to build my small business had I not learned that from my Korean-American experience.

What significant experience in your life led you to start your own business? 

Right before I decided to start my own business, I was going through an extremely tough season where I felt purposeless, struggled with my identity, and was confused about my future. Desperately, I turned to my faith and started praying and seeking my calling. I was then so powerfully reminded that we’re all created for a purpose and that we all have a place on this earth. We all have talents, passions, and gifts that we’re equipped with to help carry out our dreams and callings. I was tired of letting my own self doubt and fear of instability keep me from pursuing my dreams. So by faith, I decided to risk it all and began pursuing everything I’ve ever wanted to pursue. Starting a business has always been one of the many items on my list, so that’s how Canvas + Clay Studio was established.

What’s a recent discovery about yourself that you learned from your business?

Starting Canvas + Clay Studio completely changed how I view myself. It gave me a newfound motivation and confidence, and made my dreams and ambitions even bigger. The experience has taught me to stop making excuses and that anything can be done as long as I put my mind, heart, and soul into it. I’ve also learned how important it is to have a mission or goal in mind when doing anything. The WHY we do what we do is more important than WHAT we do. Canvas + Clay Studio wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without the WHY and it’s ultimately what keeps me motivated. I’m so grateful for how the business is growing and stretching me. I’ve learned so much from it and I am super excited to see what the future holds. 

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